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Kyung Hwan Van

Associate Principal

Kyung Hwan Van joined as a Associate principal of STUDIO FORMGIVER

in 2023. He has worked as a project manager while carrying out various projects.

When he manages a project, his strength is that he can encompass the whole, not

only from a macro perspective, but also from a very detailed point of view.

His experiences in lighting design spans more than 20 years, his professional

career began in 2004, as an interior architect in Seoul, Korea, where he worked

as a design member of various projects. Since he joined Cline Bettridge Bernstein

Lighting Design. New York in 2007, he participated in a number of award-winning

projects. Even after returning to Korea, his passion for lighting design was still the

same, and he joined Vitzro and participated in various projects such as Jeju Dream

Tower, JW Marriott Gangnam and Louis Vuitton Incheon Shinsegae & Incheon


Kyung Hwan Van
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