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Form with Light: 환영

STUDIO FORMGIVER is an architectural lighting design company, established by Jeeyoun Park, Suzie Yu, and the designers who create a Form with Light.


The studio constantly strives to find the role of light that integrates light in the architecture to reveal the texture, enhance the form, and maximize the value of the space by designing the overall balance of the light. We also seek to integrate lighting design with innovative ideas and new technologies.


The studio focused on enhancing design communication through practical and sustainable solutions. We offer the best solutions for each project's characteristics, from design work, which involves observing, reading, and shaping the light with an extremely delicate gaze, to economical and cost-effective idea-driven design proposals.

STUDIO FORMGIVER is offering a full range of lighting consultation services:


  • Lighting Design and Fixture Specification of interior and exterior architectural lighting systems; including the scope of the environment, masterplan, cityscape, landscape, event, and festival.


  • Custom Fixture Design specific to the requirements of the individual project.


  • Site evaluation and Fixture focusing to assess conditions at the beginning of projects and to ensure the best results at completion.


Our project work encompasses a richly diverse range of experience from residential to retail, hospitality, office, and public space with many too unique to be categorized. The studio also collaborates with a variety of domestic and international lighting firms to expertise and enhance the quality of projects. Over twenty years of combined experience assures our clients that each commission has been properly staffed, designed, and expertly implemented.

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