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Jiyoung Heo


Jiyoung Heo joined as a partner of  STUDIO FORMGIVER in 2020.

Ms. Heo’s early training in fine art, with a focus on light that transform scenes, brought attention to lighting design. Her formal education, an MFA in lighting design and BFA in fine art, explored the merging of technical methodology and artistic senses. She also excels in broad perspectives and insights through years of work experience and project execution in a variety of environments.

Her professional career began in 2005, with an internship at Arc Light, NY, New York where she worked as a design member of various projects.

Ms. Heo joined Cooley Monato Studio, NY in 2007. There she participated in a number of award-winning projects, including Tiffany & co., NY flagship store, and various high-end retail stores. Since then, in Seoul, While at Altek, she developed the technical search function of the products, and has been carrying out various lighting design projects at H2 Design Studio and CALI in Changwon city. She is involved in projects including Chungnam National University Hospital, Sejong City, Changwon City and Jinhae Yeojwacheon Landscape Lighting, Jungri Bridge and Heeyoen Hospital, Changwon City.

Ms. Heo has a Master’s degree from the Parson School of Design in New York, NY major in Lighting Design. She has a B.F.A. degree, majoring in Fine Art from Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea.

Outside of project-related activity, she is a council member at Gyeongsangnam-do Urban Design Committee, Ulsan Metropolitan City Jung-gu Urban Design Committee, Gwangyang Civil Rights Free Economic Zone Landscape Committee and Changwon City Landscape Committee.

Additionally, Ms. Heo has been involved with teaching lighting design courses at Busan University and Sangmyung University.

Jiyoung Heo
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