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Hayoung Ju


Hayoung Ju joined as a director of STUDIO FORMGIVER in 2021.

Ms. Ju has developed expertise working on a wide range of projects, including

mixed-use towers and master plan, offices and headquarters, hotels, and cultural

destinations. She has strengths in architectural spatial analysis and user-based,

concept of lighting environment and design development.

Her professional career began in 2012, as a lighting designer in BPI, NYC, where

she experienced as a design member of a diversity of projects within various

locations around the world.

She holds a bachelor of Interior design from Pratt Institute, New York, NY in 2012

and architecture interior Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea in 2009.

Ms. Ju enjoys travel so much, often goes on a spontaneous trip whenever she has

time, rather than making specific plans. She’s always ready to fully enjoy the trips in

herself, together, or for a short or long distance depending on the time and situation.

It’s a way to enjoy and relax in her life, but during that time through such a new

journey, she often gets design inspiration. Perhaps because it is the design

inspiration that is obtained in such a free and comfortable environment, it is the

reason why her creativity stands out from others.

Hayoung Ju
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