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Beom Jun Park


Beom Jun Park joined as a designer of STUDIO FORMGIVER in 2022.

He became interested in lighting design while he is learning at university that lighting

can have the power to create a space special, not just for controlling brightness. In

addition, he became fascinated by the dramatic changes in the lighting installation

method and the selection of lighting equipment while directing scenes in various


He think light is an important element that brings life into a space. He is eager

to become a pleasant designer who can stimulate imagination and emotions by

promoting design aesthetics with constant imagination, regardless of trends.

He mainly working on lighting simulation and perspective rendering, which enhanc-

es a clients’ visual understanding and helps him create submissions that meet their


He likes to visit architecturally valuable and new spaces before anyone else, and

especially likes to experience and learn about well-designed lighting designs. He

also enjoys discovering the beauty in it.

Beom Jun Park
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