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Suzie Yu


Suzie Yu is a founding partner of  STUDIO FORMGIVER, she looks to her background in interior design and her years of experience in lighting design to fulfill her clients’ needs. As a highly organized person and project manager, she strives to create a seamless design experience.


Her professional career began in 2016, as a lighting designer in Mavericks, Seoul, Korea, where she worked as a design member of various projects. She is involved in projects including Inspire entertainment resort, Lotte world Shenyang, China, Pangyo alphadom city, Saemunan church, Kakao kids HQ office and etc.


She specializes in lighting illustration and visualization which proves to be a winning combination for the client. She also merges her focus on energy efficiency with high quality design to create exceptional results for her clients


Ms. Yu has a Master’s degree from Hansung University in Seoul major in Interior Design. She also has a B.F.A. degree, majoring in Interior Design on February 2016.


As much as her passion for light, in everyday life she pursues a dynamic, passionate life. She enjoys a variety of outdoor sports, and surfing is one of the driving forces that make her everyday enjoyable.

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